Classic 2004 Republican Convention Intro for George Bush

Have you ever written the opposite of what your values are?  This RNC/FOX speach writer expresses it well.

Draft of New Republicans Introduction to Bush for the Republican Convention 2004
(proposal 2B-FOXack – 3/18/2004)

Fellow Americans, Distinguished Republicans,

I think every Republican has had time to reflected deeply on the Presidency of our elected leader. His achievements are sobering. Just imagine how much more we will achieve when that man swears on The Bible for four more years. But here is the truth. Our President, George Bush has acted where no other American dared act. This is leadership. It is unrestrained vision. Plain and simple. It is the New America. We also know our party, and no other, is the only way to be an American.

All Americans, Christian or not, are now confident and assured of never being terrorized again. Administration executive actions eliminate terrorism day after day. And in this election year, after all the debates, there is no doubt that only Republicans can deliver us from evil. To become a patriot Republican is America’s only way to achieve our national and yes, our global destiny. The good news. Let George do it. He has the blueprint. He acts without thought on must be done and through his reelection, he will continue this unchartered path with bravery, service and honor. His decisive actions are the backbone of the new America. It is something only Republicans are capable of doing. Let’s consider his patriotic foreign policy – preemptive meditated terrorist extermination. If our President thinks a country harbors terrorists, his blueprint is clear to all. First he will kill the leader of the country in the dead of night along with an unmerciful, but humane, bombing. The leader’s family will be also exterminated. Should bombing fail, then he will call up the finest dedicated and greatest patriotic military forces in the world to invade that country, with care, and surgically remove the government. And should he find any terrorists, well you know what happens to evil-doers. They will taken to the American sanctioned torture chambers. Illegal weapons, will be taken from their hands. Such progress reaps countless benefits to the world. Witness our incalculable achievements in Iraq.

It is now self evident that one’s patriotic duty is to re-elect the best American anyone can know. All Americans, gun owners or not, will share the world stage – all from his action. We are the New Republicans, the New Americans. After the election, let us not stop being proud of what we have achieved with our fighting forces who have paved the democratic way in Iraq. Let us be bold. Let us go further. Imagine. Together with a President energized by the inevitable resounding vote of the American pubic, we will invade country after country, capital after capital to kill tens of thousands of gun-wielding terrorists, destroy even more weapons of mass destruction. Imagine such a victory. Join the Republic. Let us put America where it belongs – on top of the world. Don’t you think?.. “with justice and democracy for all”. Right? Need I say only a Republic can do it, and only a Republican will, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce our very own, let’s give him the power, George W. Bush.


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