Neanderthal vs Cro-Magnon

Proof of evolution.  Today, walking amongst us, are the new strain of human beings of tomorrow. The new strain living with the old species has always been the case. Archaeologically speaking the race to become human shows that around 50,000 years ago in a clash of civilizations, the entrenched primitive-minded Neanderthal were overcome by the more nomadic adaptive Cro-Magnon. They both made tools, but Cro-Magnon made the first arts. As Wiki points out:

Cro-Magnons must have come into contact with the Neanderthals, and are often credited with causing the latter’s extinction.

I sometimes find myself comparing skull and jaw shapes of Republicans and Democrats. Do we have to wait 10,000 years for the inevitable resolution. On the other hand, it may take that long for voting machines to work. Someone from the future is laughing back at us now about our primitive natures – political parties, republics, and as Arthur C. Clarke pointed out, religions.

Today the Neandricans and Cromagnocrats struggle. Is to be a Republic or a Democracy? The large jaw Neandricans believes in the strong emperor that rules citizens, legislature and press. The long-fingered Cromagnocrats live in a world of many voices and choices, confusing to Neandricans.


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