Beyond Bodacious

Iraq Death and Fashion

War news and the actual events behind it are gruesome, but the TV Chyron underlining it all makes me wonder who is in the control room? Here the picture of the killed Husseins is the backdrop for the dancing Chyron that reads “Beyonce hates being called bodacious.” You can’t read between the lines because there is only one. What the control room airs is indecipherable. The feeders are the newsmakers, not the news itself, even they are bored. The broadcast control room allows the Sadam hanging verdict to influence elections. The suppression of James Baker’s critical reports on Iraq do not influence elections – hardly Chyron-provoking material. What is pictured large on channel 1 and writ large on channel 2 are the two ring circus of Mad magazine-like collision and distraction.

What American Chyron will dance under the hanging of Saddam? POLICE STEP UP SECURITY MEASURES FOR MADONNA … “LOST” RATINGS TIE “CRIMINAL MINDS” … Anything but these slider-based political tags as Chyron material.

Control room generated Chyrons cloud the airs. Movies on TV are rolled over with emblazoned logos. Turner takes Chyron irrelevancy higher and higher. A tearful black and white Lauren Bacall is overrun in the corner of the screen by a 10 second colorful NASCAR pit crew to change tires on her shoulder. Emotions are easily cut off and you wonder why you still watch.

The mix of the TV and the AD signal is a peculiar art form. The commercial interval of every 15 minutes is now fractalizing so that the Chyron proscenium can dance adds around center stage all day long. Watching a 3 ring circus equalizes all events in an environment that is confusing but a giddy attention deficit disorder feeder. In newspaper layouts, mismatched, unrelated stories are most often unified by time.

For more see the great TVNewser blog block of Chyrons.



One thought on “Beyond Bodacious

  1. This is the end of washington and her allies to commit these evils wicks and criminal in world, because now the blinds and deafs people all over world are looking of these disgusting action of America both her old allies and news onces.

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