Overcoming Our National Fear

The force of national fear is in the air, but what is the moral response to American victimization? To paraphrase Arianna Huffington:

A great leader is there to inspire fearlessness in a nation. Look at FDR. He said in his first innaugural, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” This is incredibly profound. With these words, he helped Americans in every walk of life who feared the future of the Great Depression and the horrific years of the Second World War. With his words, we got through it.

This is the opposite of what this administration, what this president has done. They have decided instead, to spread the disease of fear. And with fear, to divide us, to make us afraid, to cause us to doubt ourselves when we need to question adminstration actions. There message is – be very afraid – because the administration has the answers, trust us because you don’t know. If you begin to disagree, then their chosen press agents step in to say “shut up, turn off the mic” and instill fear against you for being un-American.

Democrats, when you are intimidated and hear “you want to cut and run”. You say, “Our military has achieved victory in Iraq, why do you not want this to end?” 

The list of hear and say responses for fearful Democrats was tightened up on Bill Maher’s telecast Nov 3 2006. To answer the question,  one reason the administration does not yet want this war to end is that the billions of dollars of budget allocations to their friend’s companiees to rebuild Iraq are not quite exhausted. But as we read Krugman’s report of Bechtel Corporation’s cut and run, and the closure of the Iraq Reconstruction Oversight office you have to ask every Republican you meet, why do you not want this to end?”

As the nationally mandated disease of fear spreads, it has one enormous consequence to our nation. The social discourse, what you say at parties, at work or at school is highly measured. You fear lest you are “misunderstood”, or perhaps worse understood. The great dividing message of the RNC polarizes all social events. So nothing meaningful can be debated without a party tag implied. If you are not on the RNC wavelength, you are marked and branded.  Should you say something that deviates from RNC interests, their favorite “shut-up” journalists are ready to pounce.


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