The Elephant in the Room

Letter to the editor, submitted by my woman friend to the NYT, accepted and edited, full transcipt below responding to The Elephant in the RoomI, too, have hidden from political discussions over the last few years because of the resulting emotional confrontations. Not long ago, you could reasonably debate political issues like the economy, social programs, education, even war. Now, we live in this you’re-either-with-us-or-against-us new order. The divider, who calls himself a uniter, and a corrupt Republican-led congress have stayed the course in derailing the US on so many fronts that the political issues have been elevated to truly moral issues. Support for abuse of prisoners, erosion of citizen’s rights and privacy, loss of the checks and balances in our government through the use of signing statements, voting fraud, bald-faced lying that can be proven by use of “the Google” – the list goes on and on. The offenses are so massive that that it looks like anyone who supports this administration is either immoral or just plain ignorant. My outrage causes me to be quiet lest I lose civility in social situations.Signed JLB

Speaking of moral behavior, here are some rules George Washington wrote down when he was 16. 

Cool political slider tool. How presidents over time have changed the national dialog from when we were a democracy to now as we are a republic. 


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