Democracy – A New Form of Government

Election fever has given Congress to the Democrats. The unyielding Republican facade is caving in. Now my favorite form of government, democracy, starts up again. With the Internet, sites and blogs have two months to recommend or potray what Peolosi can enact.  My hopes:

Number One. The new powers will restore civil discourse. The world is big, with many points of views on issues, not the Republican way – my party-line or the highway.

Number Two. The new party restore observations of reality. The web is good at crosslinking to the truth, but a government must encourage and support direct observation and reporting.

Number Three. Serious wrongdoings must be uncovered. In Iraq and at home. In the name of the people who paid billions, a serious investigation of the war logistics companies and their political ties must take place, even if it goes up to the chief himself, Dick Cheney. As Paul Krugman pointed out last week in the NYT, Bechtle is cutting and running because they have “spent” their no-bid billions and have no reason to stay if the kitty is dry. The current structural problem dividing military operations from commercial military service needs irrevocably clear legislation.

Number Four. The power and method to declare war must be clear. War is between nations. Policing is between a government and groups (like the Mafia, like the Bin Laden cell).

I am thinking about what a democracy can be with the Internet. Moreon that later. But a deep premise of how a healthy national view meets a world view begins with how we actually see the world, first reported in WJL’s “A Nation of Sheep“.


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