Feeling American, Acting

So how did you feel after watching the two parties nominating conventions? The Republicans still angry and divisive while the Democrat hopeful and unifying. I listened randomly to the Republican address by Carla Fiorina (former HP CEO), coated with metaphors of victories, division, war, and glory in the now so typical Republican harsh and mean-spirited voice. Like many Republican orators they shout commands and divide out those who follow orders without question – the rest of you go hunker down in that fear bunker. The convention difference is that of being told to get in line, rather than feeling lifted in an atmosphere of possibility for a country. Megaphone vs any other point of view. 

It is hilarious to see the party in power running as it if weren’t. Or put another way, to hear about Mavericks of change running against an independent thinker dedicated to change. For the last two years. If change from Bush is the issue, why is the party of Bush so intent on remaking itself? It means they have no principle of cohesion or conviction in their original ideas that require correction. The RNC convention co-opts the entire Obama platform of change.  It is scary how few American see through their intent.  We need real change to clean up the mess we made. That would be honest.

The Republicans operate their well-worn traditions of Character Assassination and the Megaphone Hour. Guilliani’s attack on Obama, twisted stories, the divisive cut to the audience. Be proud to be an R, distinct from any else, you know, those (us?) non-Americans. The pulpit intent is to make you feel like a sinner. No one listening is courageous enough to detect that every speaker has a truth problem.

Be advised.

The Republican Party alarms you. Emergency is the code to keep power. Brilliant humor from Jon Stewart who lifts the masked messaging at the RNC.  Underneath, hides the ugly truth told soberly with Frank Rich‘s write up.


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