Hot Water Heater Ready to Explode? Call Joe

From my email inbox:

<rant>The truth on Joe the “Plumber” comes out on Bloomberg

  1. He’s not a registered plumber. 
  2. Joe is a tax dodger and owes back taxes in his state of Ohio. 
  3. The “plumbing” business that Joe wants to buy is extremely unlikely to earn enough profit for Joe to actually pay more tax under Obama’s plan.  And even if he DID make $280K profit then he’d pay something like $700 more a year, which is half of what he currently owes Ohio in back taxes.  Even then, it remains to be seen whether he’d pay the extra taxes, as his history suggests he’s a tax dodger.

Joe is typical of the short term ME-ME approach embodied by Republicans today.  Joe has been successful precisely because of progressive tax policies that favor the middle class (which he used to be in).  He is able to buy the business because of leaders like Clinton (and Obama) that understand that wealth of all of us (including those at the top) is positively impacted by the wealth of the majority.  Trickle UP economics is what works! 

Ohio will probably be interested to find out that Joe isn’t paying taxes at the same time as he’s considering buying a business.  Time to raid Joe’s house and take a peek under the mattress, or in the hot water tank, or wherever it is that “plumbers” keep their money. </rant>

In the worst case,  Joe benefits from Obama. According to tax analysts, if Mr. Wurzelbacher’s gross business receipts were $250,000, then he would NOT have to pay higher taxes under Mr. Obama’s plan. Joe is actually eligble for a tax cut. More at the NYT

Let’s hope Joe is a better plumber than a financial decoy for the GOP, because that hot water heater is ready to blow.

By the way, rant, it turns out Joe’s voter registration name is misspelled so his ballot may be put in the contested stack and not actually counted for the election.

<rant>That’s great!  All we need now is for Joe the plumber to actually get educated about these  evil “liberal” plans and realize that he’ll actually be better off because Obama’s tax hike won’t affect him, AND he’ll get a tax credit so he can give him employees healthcare which I’m SURE he truly wants to do, as he’s such a patriot n’ all.  

Remember, cutting taxes means debt, so debt is wealth, and wealth is patriotic.  So cutting taxes is patriotic!

Then what about Joe the Solar Guy? But Republican anger is real, as Joe the Reporter, kicked to the ground by a Palin supporter.

Update Oct 21 — Paul Krugman’s look at Real Plumbers in Ohio, stating the average joe plumber does not even make $50,000. How about a short Barrack ad standing with 50 average plumbers in Ohio called Joe. Who is this “Joe the Plumber?” I hear Michael Moore has already organized plumbers to do the right thing – free or very low cost fixes as their election message. In the end, Joe the Plumber is full of crap.


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