Where is Republican Anger When you Need it?

Revolutions, ours beginning in 1775 and the French of 1789, showed how bloody an imperial revolt can be with guillotines, riots, and killing. Almost a prequel to a current Republican rally. Not to put to fine a point on it, but real patriotic anger aims at the Kings of a country’s injustice.

Is Obama really worth stirring up anger, as the “new” Republicans would like you to believe? Or is this a clever misdirection of anger most properly directed to AIG, the extraordinary wealthy, and a horrible executive branch? If Republicans really want to win this election big, they should not redirect, but tap into the clearly seething American anger against the actual symbols of the forces that have betrayed our economy. They could out-Obama Obama here.

All of this is encapsulated brilliantly by Maureen Dowd inciting us to look at the continuing bailout excesses, and to put our Anger where it belongs. A partridge hunt at Plumber Manor in England? She ends it well. Heads must roll.

Blow out that hate, brother:



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