Rehearsing the Part to Play … Vote, Vote

Here’s the big difference in McCainer and Obamer outcomes. The John winners want to go back to their houses, watch TV and count money. The Barack winners want to play a part in the next government that changes everything. I assume a Barack win, though I continue to call and canvass – not for victory – but to rehearse how to work for this new democracy. The O outcome will give all Americans some global credibility, but this is not a flag raising, but a freedom ringing era.  It is not one party wins all, it is all of us as party to a new American  democracy. Witness the NYT writing straight out on baseball stats and Health care. The parts to play are many that the new President must summon – erasing the war from the balance sheet, founding national economic principle, starting the energy revolution, monitoring the world environment, and healing the method actors of national outrage.

The new Blues for the Reds … Take’n it Back...

Lyrics from here:

Hate to see the nation being run by a hack
Dig the situation that he dug in Iraq
Half the population wants to give him the sack
And now he’s lookin’ round for somebody else to attack
We need somebody great to get us back on the track

So we’re takin’ it back with Barack, Jack!

Choo Choo, Change to believe in
Woo woo, we can achieve it
Choo Choo, Change to believe in
Takin’ it back with Barack, Jack!

Now that global warming is a matter of fact
The only real question is just how to react
The new administration needs the guts to enact
Drastic legislation, leave the planet intact
We can’t be foolin’ round with some Republican Mac

So we’re takin’ it back with Barack, Jack!

Choo Choo….

He only gets his money from your regular macs
Doesn’t take a penny from some whackity PAC’s
For bringin’ folk together he’s the man with the knack
And he’ll supply the hope and inspiration we lack
Cause he’s the best we got and did I ….mention he’s black?

So we’re takin’ it back with Barack, Jack!

– Will Galison Orchestra

Just for the joy of how I am feeling about Barack’s Presidency.


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