Landslide Predictions

Here is the predicted McCain Landslide. My guess 18 hours out? The election will end decisively by 11pm PST.  360 – 178. Obama clearly victorious taking out most Republican Congressional seats. Why? The party never atoned for Bush. Instead the Winking Wonderwoman from Wasilla grandstanded Bush values without apology.

Obama wins through superior organization, sensationally effective use of the Internet, the lack of Presidential support for McCain, a decisive end to the war in Iraq, and standing hard on Barack issues.  His superior finance was drawn from the electorate with a risk, but loud message – no lobbyist influence. Barack earned his war chest. McCain drained his from petro-donors and pharma-dollars. Barack thinks as we – enough is Enough!

Two good voting tools. The statistically correct 538 with background here. The interactive LATimes. Mine is 360 – 178. What’s yours?

Writing below the fold –

What’s next?  McCain v Palin video. Voting is condition red and ready for reform.

There is a lot to chew on, thanks for sharing. To pick up on one digestible element – rebooting “government (the internet enables a national brainstorming)” and the issue of transparency and aggregation of responders – Perhaps we will see the new administrations use the Internet as effectively in governing as they did campaigning. A first class solution to voting to tabulate true popular responses, an open-ended blog pond of national issues consensus, and a reexamination of how government represents laws in process with Fedex tracking IDs and putting faces on who is for and against, executive orders you show approval with blogist side-chatter as to implications, pie-chart budgets you dial to give immediate feedback to the legislature and executives in charge.


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