Republican-Free America

Obama time - +26

How far has Lincoln’s party fallen.  From the once famous drive to preserve the Union,  the party is now the divider of its countrymen.  So many Republican’s today derive status from insistence on one religion, one sexual orientation, and one race.  The Unity of the Nation, liberty for all is now the Democratic capstone. Liberty for all, freedom of religion as it once was for those tired of intolerance in 1776.

“With malice towards none and charity toward all”, sounds pretty Barack, but comes from those first Republican lips – Abraham Lincoln. The Lincolnian party would be nice to see again. Rather we see Republicans who want to make a slave of us all.  For leadership they shout loudly in anger. For fiscal policy they are the implicit cause of the economic crisis, for peaceful tranquility the demand the unsound and unchecked war. It is as if the Republican leaning backward direction has slowed them to a lost mentality. Gone are their once great causes. What are the causes Republicans should confront in current times? A critical rethink of high level Capitalism, the nature of Governance, and the causless immensity of the military complex.

Change was not enough in the election for Obama. It is not enough because the familiar rude Republican mantle, unthinking and prejudiced has gone louder with the Rush Limbaugh’s and Glen Becks of the media. For civilization to advance on a course first set in 1776, when liberty and freedom were principle, it is almost fact that for modern America to survive it is time to consider the campaign for a Republican-Free America.

We have been pushed so far to the Right, there is nothing Left.

November 21, 2008 —


Who are we now? Able to spend 500 million to elect a president ?  Able to use the Internet to out-fox immediate fear. Yet will we be able to take on the lame-duck economy and the thousand misfortunes we are heir to? One hopes Barack will channel the Internet as a means of running the democracy. Of the many hopes, let’s hope we can help.

I had hoped for an interregnum strategy of double impeachment,  so the Pelosi would be shaking hands where George Bush would not. We count up to the inauguration. My hope now is to obtain the defining moment and a greater hope that the apparently unimpeachable Cheney-Bush White House will not further burden the nation. At best, two steps forward, one step backward.

Let’s hope to travel the world with a little more pride. Hope we can deeply atone for the Bush-in-our-name failure. Hope to bring war profiteers to justice and reverse this no-bid war in Iraq. Hope for a new solid Internet-based voting system. Hope for government with representation. Direct representation. Or just governance by contract, not taxation. Can one hope to remove personal income tax altogether (as it was in the 1800’s) and simply have competetive contracts for governing services.  And the real how, that education will be directly accountable  and personally chosen rather than public and mandatory.


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