Each Book A Revelation

I read to write. I write to read. Reading a book is a Revelation. Blogs open as a read/write media in time.  I book read, sometimes to hear an imaginary voice and block out the brags and moans of the day. Something new is to read books to remember. To comprehend and retell. I read the good ones to be able to tell the story too. This is revealing. The Great Books invite you back for more. And when I read in this new way, I find that the urge to write. Oftentimes, the writing is improved likely because I have digested savory paragraphs, purposeful sentences. I am drawing the tap this month on:

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, the Great Book by Edward Gibbon. Please note, this is not the rise and fall. It is decline and fall, down hill all the way.

Collapse“, continuing all you want to know about decline and fall. Jared Diamond writes not as well as “Guns Germs and Steel”. He was hungrier then. Note to self, must civilize. Taking civilization and governance out of its hidey hole is the V-50 lectures. At least someone if breathing in fresh air like (next).

What Would Google Do”, by Jeff Jarvis. A thinking person would come to the same conclusions, but he has spent the time to gather supporting evidences, and hung to some key thoughts for two minutes longer than most people.  Seeing it written down does makes it stick. I sat next to Jeff at a VON conference, front row where I always sit to see the humanity of speakers. Asking him, what do you do? He said I’m a blogger. After he spoke I figured out that it was time to learn blogging.


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