Apple takes us to Kindergarten

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 8.23.50 AM
The Devolution of Pages.

Upgraded to Mavericks – on the whole, better than Lion.

HOWEVER – The free upgrade to Pages is a disaster for me. Sensing a disturbance in the force of Apple’s new candy-colored mind after uploading iPhone iOS, I wisely made a backup of my first book document to try on their new SW. When I opened the 400 page book in the new Pages – it completely reformatted it, laid  pictures out differently, overlaid text on text. Adding greater misery, when the new Pages loads your book – it immediately rewrites the file and old Pages cannot read the new.  All of my ebooks can no longer be worked on.

In Apple’s new zeal to attract kindergartners they dumbed down the feature set of Pages. They killed right and left facing pages (separate inner and outer margins) and  two page views. Gone, simply gone. Any author working with CreateSpace or another modern publisher absolutely needs page layout for composing real print books.  The author use case was never checked.

Also missing are comments that used to be seen all at once. Now they have to be clicked on one at a time. I have 2,000 per book. Even worse  if you write comments that relate to one another. What could be scanned by the eye, must be rememeberd.

Fortunately there is an open choice to use old Pages 4.3 that lives in the iWorks folder. Just don’t double click on a favorite doc or it will be rethreaded by Jack-in-the-box.

I am angry about it all and have written four letters to Apple, hoping they will at least put back facing pages.

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