Atlas Shrugged Part 1 – Two Shoulders Up

Just went to see Atlas Shrugged Part 1, which takes you through half of the book. Given the high tone of the book, it is surprisingly watchable. Very faithful to Ayn Rand’s masterwork. ¬†Liberties were taken and they were good ones, like the time period. Don’t want to give it away. I was pretty amazed how quickly they put you in the story, because reading it takes a few hundred pages before you get the “big picture.”
Mature casting, characters pretty much as the book. The role of Dagny Taggart played by Taylor Schilling, is a persona even stronger than the book. Man of steel, Hank Rearden, played very well by Grant Bowler.
Negatives: a few wooden lines, could have shortened scenes that acted as narrative. “Who is John Galt?” was said way too many times. He is apparently this dark fellow in the corners who looks like Freddy Krueger. When this hero comes knocking on your door, you expect a scream and a throat to get cut. They could have used more imagination on this “invisible man,” I the book, I never saw him as the black grim reaper.¬†Other than that I loved it.
Go see it with someone rational.
Two shoulders up – in a good way.
mrb – 2011/04/27