Impeachment and Confidence

I sometimes wonder if the parliamentary system is better with its vote of confidence in the executive compared to the American system. Having lost confidence in leadership of the entire executive branch,  the people suffer the entire remaining term to compound evils and therby lengthen the undoing. Impeachment of both Bush and Cheney would address the top. But the executive branch is rife with incompetent appointments. The whole branch needs to be reborn. Remedy can not come soon enough. Impeachment must take place now. Not just to correct endless war, but its cause. The origins of terrorism require global police coordination, not nationalized militias to correct. Impeachment will halt torture as a standard, immense corruption in bidding government contracts and the list we all know. It is that if we do nothing, something worse still will certainly happen. What further fearful conditions will the Cheney-Bush administration begin in the remaining 254 days to guarantee their continuity. I fear their future and commend any movement toward a series of impeachments now. Impeach now or forever lose your peace.