Endless War Blues

marlmarine.png Luis Sinco’s video document about an iconic marine, James Miller, tells his personal battle story. How to talk to returning troops? Private Miller tels us not to buy a returning soldier a patriotic beer, but to ask how they are doing. Are you all right?


Beyond Bodacious

Iraq Death and Fashion

War news and the actual events behind it are gruesome, but the TV Chyron underlining it all makes me wonder who is in the control room? Here the picture of the killed Husseins is the backdrop for the dancing Chyron that reads “Beyonce hates being called bodacious.” You can’t read between the lines because there is only one. What the control room airs is indecipherable. The feeders are the newsmakers, not the news itself, even they are bored. The broadcast control room allows the Sadam hanging verdict to influence elections. The suppression of James Baker’s critical reports on Iraq do not influence elections – hardly Chyron-provoking material. What is pictured large on channel 1 and writ large on channel 2 are the two ring circus of Mad magazine-like collision and distraction.

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Target stores in Baghdad?

SuperTarget in Iraq

The artist Trek Kelly made images of soldiers in Target uniforms.  The link lost, unable to find these images on the “The Google”, I invoke the graphic above.  I see the  target images are restored. Are search engines revising things so “The Bush” can revise “The Internet” per the 1984 recipe of the ruling party’s ability to revise the past. No record of any other evidence is available.

What to do in Iraq now?

Why Don’t the Republicans Want Us to Win in Iraq?

For Democrats at least, victory in Iraq could have been declared a couple of times. On to those in a moment. The root cause of this current strain of terrorism is religion. The world needs to work with Muslim leaders to restore a Caliph (not caliphate) to mend and police the faith. The Catholic faith has heeled itself under a Pope. But I always thought our incursion in the Middle East was about to end a number of times.

When Afghanistan was taken, extra force could have been calculated to capture Osama bin Laden – root cause. Instead we outsourced the prize. Victory ignored.

When the invasion occurred, destroying the Iraqi army with lighting speed, no WMD found, we could have reported “Mission Accomplished” with a complete withdrawal and cessation of hostilities. Continue reading