Republican-Free America

Obama time - +26

How far has Lincoln’s party fallen.  From the once famous drive to preserve the Union,  the party is now the divider of its countrymen.  So many Republican’s today derive status from insistence on one religion, one sexual orientation, and one race.  The Unity of the Nation, liberty for all is now the Democratic capstone. Liberty for all, freedom of religion as it once was for those tired of intolerance in 1776.

“With malice towards none and charity toward all”, sounds pretty Barack, but comes from those first Republican lips – Abraham Lincoln. The Lincolnian party would be nice to see again. Rather we see Republicans who want to make a slave of us all.  For leadership they shout loudly in anger. For fiscal policy they are the implicit cause of the economic crisis, for peaceful tranquility the demand the unsound and unchecked war. It is as if the Republican leaning backward direction has slowed them to a lost mentality. Gone are their once great causes. What are the causes Republicans should confront in current times? A critical rethink of high level Capitalism, the nature of Governance, and the causless immensity of the military complex.

Change was not enough in the election for Obama. It is not enough because the familiar rude Republican mantle, unthinking and prejudiced has gone louder with the Rush Limbaugh’s and Glen Becks of the media. For civilization to advance on a course first set in 1776, when liberty and freedom were principle, it is almost fact that for modern America to survive it is time to consider the campaign for a Republican-Free America.

We have been pushed so far to the Right, there is nothing Left.

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Landslide Predictions

Here is the predicted McCain Landslide. My guess 18 hours out? The election will end decisively by 11pm PST.  360 – 178. Obama clearly victorious taking out most Republican Congressional seats. Why? The party never atoned for Bush. Instead the Winking Wonderwoman from Wasilla grandstanded Bush values without apology.

Obama wins through superior organization, sensationally effective use of the Internet, the lack of Presidential support for McCain, a decisive end to the war in Iraq, and standing hard on Barack issues.  His superior finance was drawn from the electorate with a risk, but loud message – no lobbyist influence. Barack earned his war chest. McCain drained his from petro-donors and pharma-dollars. Barack thinks as we – enough is Enough!

Two good voting tools. The statistically correct 538 with background here. The interactive LATimes. Mine is 360 – 178. What’s yours?

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Why I Still Have a Cavity

We all need dentistry, and we should give our money to causes we believe in, especially locally. But when the professional tells me how I must feel politically when I open my mouth to say Ah, I draw the line. Morning at the strip mall for drilling my teeth, there is a sign on the window. Yes on 8, and I am feeling uneasy, as this is a divisive and discriminatory proposition. 18 XRays later, the doctor finds the cavity. But the horror of his lurking politics exceeds the disease in my mouth. Appointment set. A few days later I feel the lurk. Maybe the image of “drill baby drill” is why I call him. Just remove the sign. He is adamant about his position of “family values”, and no explaining of needing dentistry rather than politics works. In a democracy there are many voices, and he is one, but I pay for this service. So my wife and I talk it out and next day cancel our appointments in protest. Does anyone know of a not-in-your face dentist about politics in Escondido California?

Thinking. Am I the intolerant one? So I play this out. I too have a family. I believe in love. He does too. But our loves differ. Mine comes from tested experience that concludes value in possibility. His comes from untested root belief that values the narrowing. Love is generative, and as Socrates says comes from a poor God. I feel no vindication, but conclude I am in the right.

So my wife and my tooth’s ache. At least our comedians and artists are funnier to ease us than his. In the end it is a free market and we will contribute to the balance sheet of anyone who believes it better to live in a democracy than a republic. Maybe who drills matters.  The toothy conclusion: Who we give money to is a form of political capital. Which merchants deserve our dollars? To give better goods at the lowest rate may not be enough. Seek out to reward those who share your hard-won life beliefs. In this way, they will profit and their business will grow. Their families grow. This has the effect of propagating our common values. You can be part of evolution after all.

Nov 5 update: “I can’t believe people voted for the rights of chickens but not for gays”.

What to do: Evan Handler begin with boycott. I moved to California to leave the states of intolerance in the South. No self-respecting Californian wants to to become the State of Georgia or Kentucky in this regard. If you talk about putting an embargo on these hoodwinking hotels and remove the lynch-pin of discriminatory businesses, it can happen somewhat naturally. My family just jettisoned my placard-bearing YesOnH8 dentist. We should use the Internet as open registry of businesses that support YesonH8.

Where is Republican Anger When you Need it?

Revolutions, ours beginning in 1775 and the French of 1789, showed how bloody an imperial revolt can be with guillotines, riots, and killing. Almost a prequel to a current Republican rally. Not to put to fine a point on it, but real patriotic anger aims at the Kings of a country’s injustice.

Is Obama really worth stirring up anger, as the “new” Republicans would like you to believe? Or is this a clever misdirection of anger most properly directed to AIG, the extraordinary wealthy, and a horrible executive branch? If Republicans really want to win this election big, they should not redirect, but tap into the clearly seething American anger against the actual symbols of the forces that have betrayed our economy. They could out-Obama Obama here.

All of this is encapsulated brilliantly by Maureen Dowd inciting us to look at the continuing bailout excesses, and to put our Anger where it belongs. A partridge hunt at Plumber Manor in England? She ends it well. Heads must roll.

Blow out that hate, brother:


Eskimo Rap and Colin Powell

One, Two, Three!

My name is Sarah Palin, you all know me.
Vice President nominee of the GOP.
Gonna need your vote in the next election.
Can I get a Whoop! Whoop! from the senior section.

McCain got experience, McCain got style.
But don’t let him freak you out when he tries to smile.
Cuz that smile be creepy. But when I’m VP
All the leaders in the world gonna finally meet me.

How’s it go Eskimos! (Eskimo!)
Tell me, tell me what you know Eskimos. (Eskimo!)
How you feel Eskimos? (Ice cold!)
Tell me, tell me what you feel Eskimos. (Super cold!)

I’m Jeremiah Wright so tonight I’m the preacher.
I got a bookish look and you’re all hot for teacher.
Todd lookin’ fine on his snow machine.
So hot for each other we got no between.

In Wasilla we just chill, baby chill’a.
But when I see oil it’s Drill, Baby, Drilla.

My country ’tis of thee,
From my porch I can see
Russia and such.

All the mavericks in the house put your hands up!
All the mavericks in the house put your hands up!
All the plumbers in the house pull your pants up!
All the plumbers in the house pull your pants up!

When I say Obama, you say Ayers!
Obama! (Ayers!) Obama! (Ayers!)

I built me a bridge, it ain’t goin’ nowhere.

McCain-Palin gonna put the nail in the coffin
Of the media elite.
She likes red meat! (enter moose)

Shoot a mother-humpin’ moose 8 days of the week!
(gunshots – moose drops)
Now you’re dead!
Now you’re dead cuz I’m an animal!
And I’m bigger than you!
Holding a shotgun, rocking the pumps.
Everybody party, we’re going on the hood.
La La, La La, La La, La La!

Yo! I’m Palin! I’m out!

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Hot Water Heater Ready to Explode? Call Joe

From my email inbox:

<rant>The truth on Joe the “Plumber” comes out on Bloomberg

  1. He’s not a registered plumber. 
  2. Joe is a tax dodger and owes back taxes in his state of Ohio. 
  3. The “plumbing” business that Joe wants to buy is extremely unlikely to earn enough profit for Joe to actually pay more tax under Obama’s plan.  And even if he DID make $280K profit then he’d pay something like $700 more a year, which is half of what he currently owes Ohio in back taxes.  Even then, it remains to be seen whether he’d pay the extra taxes, as his history suggests he’s a tax dodger.

Joe is typical of the short term ME-ME approach embodied by Republicans today.  Joe has been successful precisely because of progressive tax policies that favor the middle class (which he used to be in).  He is able to buy the business because of leaders like Clinton (and Obama) that understand that wealth of all of us (including those at the top) is positively impacted by the wealth of the majority.  Trickle UP economics is what works! 

Ohio will probably be interested to find out that Joe isn’t paying taxes at the same time as he’s considering buying a business.  Time to raid Joe’s house and take a peek under the mattress, or in the hot water tank, or wherever it is that “plumbers” keep their money. </rant>

In the worst case,  Joe benefits from Obama. According to tax analysts, if Mr. Wurzelbacher’s gross business receipts were $250,000, then he would NOT have to pay higher taxes under Mr. Obama’s plan. Joe is actually eligble for a tax cut. More at the NYT

Let’s hope Joe is a better plumber than a financial decoy for the GOP, because that hot water heater is ready to blow.

By the way, rant, it turns out Joe’s voter registration name is misspelled so his ballot may be put in the contested stack and not actually counted for the election.

<rant>That’s great!  All we need now is for Joe the plumber to actually get educated about these  evil “liberal” plans and realize that he’ll actually be better off because Obama’s tax hike won’t affect him, AND he’ll get a tax credit so he can give him employees healthcare which I’m SURE he truly wants to do, as he’s such a patriot n’ all.  

Remember, cutting taxes means debt, so debt is wealth, and wealth is patriotic.  So cutting taxes is patriotic!

Then what about Joe the Solar Guy? But Republican anger is real, as Joe the Reporter, kicked to the ground by a Palin supporter.

Update Oct 21 — Paul Krugman’s look at Real Plumbers in Ohio, stating the average joe plumber does not even make $50,000. How about a short Barrack ad standing with 50 average plumbers in Ohio called Joe. Who is this “Joe the Plumber?” I hear Michael Moore has already organized plumbers to do the right thing – free or very low cost fixes as their election message. In the end, Joe the Plumber is full of crap.

Republican Anger, The Tale of

Once upon a time, there was a group of people that were as intelligent as William F. Buckley. They generated wealth, conserved resources, spent wisely, were generally happy, and had a large world view. They became powerful and did not want to lose their position so they appointed a friendly dummy to rule the kingdom. Over time the dummy wasted money, spent foolishly, had only one view of the kingdom, and was plainly ignorant. The once-wise became vain and thought it would appear bad if they chastised their dummy. They did not police themselves to cultivate their deepest values, and started to reach old age.

The idiot ruler surrounded himself with people like himself. For one thing, he appointed a fox as town cryer. The wily fox knew if he said only good things about the king’s reign he would get big treats.  Any who disagreed were made fun of and then banished. Citizens heard only one story. The once-wise liked it that way. But the foxes stories created a deep division in the kingdom. A silent resentful group smart enough to know the difference between a lie and the truth – called the knowers, and the less intelligent who couldn’t tell the difference – called the believers.

As the once-wise began to die off, their ranks were filled with braggers, boasters, and simple-minded believers who listened without question. A great turnabout occurred as if by magic.  The believers, remarkably once-wise, now had reversed their cherished values. They no longer generated wealth, they contrived money-making betting schemes, squandered resources, became mean, intolerant of the world, were generally unhappy and were proudly and heroically stupid.

The kingdom became poorer not because the dummy made foolish decisions, but because the once-wise did not intervene to fix anything. Why? Because they were too old, too wealthy, and lived in fabulous palaces. Soon they all died off.

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