July 20 1969, Eagle has landed.

26-Picture 4-unplug-HAL

MOON — July 20, 1969 – At 3:17 PM Houston reports touchdown for the Apollo 11 mission. Seven hours later is the breath by breath lunar walk. If you were around back then, your black and white blur box vided “LIVE FROM THE MOON” and sounded the message “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. The leap remains. I hear the original tapes of the NASA video were erased and taped over to save money, while much of the NASA Government materials were moved to warehouses and sold for scrap because after all, the taxpayer mission was accomplished. But alas what remains in high fidelity is Stanley Kubrick’s 70mm film from April 1968 of that great leap into 2001. We live on with this art. Even by 3001 it is hard to imagine any space odyssey fulfilled by a government-run space program. Even for space ventures, the timeless scene depicted above is of Astronaut Dave in the Logic Memory Center Stanley fixing the broken computer. Archetypally priceless.