Neanderthal vs Cro-Magnon II

antrho-haters vs learnersThe image symbolizes something deeper than you can imagine. Anthropology shows a key turning point in the evolution of humankind occurred around 50,000 years ago. The entrenched, violent-minded Neanderthal was overcome by the more nomadic, adaptive Cro-Magnon. They both made tools, but Cro-Magnon embraced cave-painting, dance, and storytelling. This survival strategy devastated the Neanderthals, and gave us the capacity of extra-genetic intelligence, though it seems the transition in the evolution of humanity is not entirely resolved.

I often think about this in my Carl Sagan moments. Ayn Rand in her early career wrote in “For the New Intellectual” a thesis about the eternal battle between the man with the club, the witch doctor, and the maker – a class of Jungian human archetypes that makes a dramatic story.

Entropy and the Laws of Thermodynamics, sadly, have the advantage. It is far easier to steal than to make. Far easier to lie then recall truth. Far easier to murder than create life.  Far easier to follow than to question authority. Far easier to shout than to have a rational dialogue.



Republican-Free America

Obama time - +26

How far has Lincoln’s party fallen.  From the once famous drive to preserve the Union,  the party is now the divider of its countrymen.  So many Republican’s today derive status from insistence on one religion, one sexual orientation, and one race.  The Unity of the Nation, liberty for all is now the Democratic capstone. Liberty for all, freedom of religion as it once was for those tired of intolerance in 1776.

“With malice towards none and charity toward all”, sounds pretty Barack, but comes from those first Republican lips – Abraham Lincoln. The Lincolnian party would be nice to see again. Rather we see Republicans who want to make a slave of us all.  For leadership they shout loudly in anger. For fiscal policy they are the implicit cause of the economic crisis, for peaceful tranquility the demand the unsound and unchecked war. It is as if the Republican leaning backward direction has slowed them to a lost mentality. Gone are their once great causes. What are the causes Republicans should confront in current times? A critical rethink of high level Capitalism, the nature of Governance, and the causless immensity of the military complex.

Change was not enough in the election for Obama. It is not enough because the familiar rude Republican mantle, unthinking and prejudiced has gone louder with the Rush Limbaugh’s and Glen Becks of the media. For civilization to advance on a course first set in 1776, when liberty and freedom were principle, it is almost fact that for modern America to survive it is time to consider the campaign for a Republican-Free America.

We have been pushed so far to the Right, there is nothing Left.

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Obama in October

29 days left on the old Bush clock. Halloween approaches. The all-seeing always-linking Andrew Sullivan spots an Obaman act of goodness as Autumnal days get darker.

Hyper-Halloween heats up with both parties now. The fear meter tips more to the right as the Republicans haunt the American imagination with the “white flag”, “terrorists pal” and the other ilk of character assassination pressed by, I will call it, “Neandrican” leadership.

The Bush clock ticks and the Neandrican “October Surprise” is being wound up tighetr than a Jack-in-the-box. Ready to pop out for capture is Bin Laden previewed on 60 minutes. Cromagnocrats stay frosty.  Be advised.

The skilled Cromagnocrat can seize the winning strategy against Al Qaeda, whereas the Neandrican is unable to let go. Monkeys are caught when they reach into an anchored gourd filled with shiny coins. When the hunter charges, the animal will not unclench his fist to run away. “Must surge now.”

The trick or treat election is on everyone’s mind. Rolling Stone opens the bag on Make-Believe Maverick and brother Matt Taibbi’s Mad Dog Palin.

Stirring the pot of hatred, the polarizing Republican rally to kill, baby kill. I am now hearing people use “Alaska!” as an expletive, as in “Alaska! don’t make me come over there.”, or “Alaska! Whose calling me now?”

Overcoming Our National Fear

The force of national fear is in the air, but what is the moral response to American victimization? To paraphrase Arianna Huffington:

A great leader is there to inspire fearlessness in a nation. Look at FDR. He said in his first innaugural, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” This is incredibly profound. With these words, he helped Americans in every walk of life who feared the future of the Great Depression and the horrific years of the Second World War. With his words, we got through it.

This is the opposite of what this administration, what this president has done. They have decided instead, to spread the disease of fear. And with fear, to divide us, to make us afraid, to cause us to doubt ourselves when we need to question adminstration actions. There message is – be very afraid – because the administration has the answers, trust us because you don’t know. If you begin to disagree, then their chosen press agents step in to say “shut up, turn off the mic” and instill fear against you for being un-American.

Democrats, when you are intimidated and hear “you want to cut and run”. You say, “Our military has achieved victory in Iraq, why do you not want this to end?” 

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